e-Pension Management System

ePMS Pension Management Solution streamline and automate administrative Pension Management tasks and reduce associated time and costs. This gives your Pension office staff to focus on activities that generate real value and enables Pension office and staff to improve their productivity. At the same time, you can standardize and consolidate all workforce-related core processes and data onto a single platform, while adhering to local regulations and laws.

ePMS provides unmatched support for pension verification projects, identity management and smart card solutions. ePMS also provides a single, accurate source of pension data that is available in real time throughout your organization.

ePMS is specially developed for the Nigerian Pension Offices. State Government, Department and Agencies can benefit greatly by using ePMS. 

With ePMS Pension Management System

  • You can automate your Agency Pension Admnistration
  • You will have identity Management of Pensioners in place? Know your Pensioner (KYP)
  • Online realtime access to Pensioners Demographics (Photograph and Fingerprints)
  • Payment history of all benefits; Gratuity, Monthly pension from year to year
  • Online payment of all pension benefits from the comfort of your office
  • Avoid the poor service render by bank to pensioners.
  • Give your pensioners online access to contact you and get feed back
  • Save your pensioners from traveling long distance.
  • Easy payment of Death Benefits to Next of Kin.
  • Smart Identity Card with demographics (Photographs and Fingerprint encoded in chip based cards).

ePMS Pension Management Solution make life easier for Pension Staff and Pensioners.

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